The Postgraduate Symposium was introduced by Faculty of Agro Based Industry, University Malaysia Kelantan to provide a platform for research postgraduate students to present and share their exciting ideas and progress in research. Rendering the motto “Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security” it aims to promote academic interaction and intellectual advancement among researchers. Through active exchange among presenters, Chairpersons, supervisors and fellow students, it is hoped that students will benefit from the dynamic and stimulating environment of agriculture and biotechnology research and development. The faculty also welcomes any party that shares the same interest to participate in this symposium.

Scope of Symposium   
  • 1. Natural Resources
  • 2. Environmental Science
  • 3. Geoscience
  • 4. Biodiversity
  • 5. Plant Science
  • 6. Agriculture
  • 7. Bio- process engineering
  • 8. Animal Science
  • 9. Aquatic Science
  • 10. Veterinary Science
  • 11. Food Science
  • 12. Agribusiness
  • 13. Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, and application
  • 14. Climate Change
  • 15. Plant and animal nutrition